GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf

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GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf

GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf Font Thumbnail

GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf

GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf font File

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  • Format:ttf
  • File size:875.39 KB
  • Full font name:GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf
  • Font subfamily identification:Regular
  • Unique identifier:1.000;GEETYPE;GEETYPE-KarutaGB-Flash-Thin
  • Full font name:GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细
  • Version:Version 1.0 GEETYPE字库 上海锐线创意设计有限公司拥有版权
  • Weight Type:100
  • Postscript font name:GEETYPE-KarutaGB-Flash-Thin → In PS, AI, CDR and other design soft, this name is often displayed
  • Copyright:上海锐线创意设计有限公司拥有版权 →Here is important font copyright information, please contact the copyright owner for commercial use.

GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf Font Introduction

GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf is a 极字和风 series of fonts, GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf font is very good, both Smooth curves, dynamic vitality, strong readability, easy to understand, delicate touch, very comfortable to use, the overall look is very beautiful and generous. GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttfFont The font is clean and clear, with rich and colorful details, smooth strokes, beautiful curves, and coordinated color matching, giving people a refreshing feeling.

GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf fontThe format is ttf, common fonts include TTF format font (TrueType font) format font, OTF format font (OpenType font), TTC format font

GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf The font size is 875.39 KB, which can be installed on a PC computer or a higher version Mac Apple computer. For the specific installation method, please refer to the column of font installation method below , GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf is deeply loved by designers. It can be widely used in poster design, signboard design, packaging design and other environments. It can also be used in short video production, and can be used to make subtitles, pictures design etc.

How to install GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf font

Windows PC:

You can directly copy the GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf font file to the C:\Windows\Fonts\ folder to complete the installation, or double-click the font file and click the [Install] button.

Mac Apple Computer:

You can directly copy the GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf font file to the font book in the application or launchpad to complete the installation, or double-click the font file and click [Install] button.

GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf Character Map

GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf介绍

GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf是壹款非常漂亮的艺术字体,GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf名称也叫GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf,GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf可以广泛用于各种书刊、画册的设计印刷中,GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf具有强烈的视觉冲击力,GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf最新版下载,GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf下载地址,如何安装GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf?本文都有详细说明。如果安装后找不到它,请搜索名称:GEETYPE-KarutaGB-Flash-Thin 试一试。

GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf图片展示

GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf图片展示

GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf映射图

GEETYPE歌留多体-闪 纤细.ttf映射图

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